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Better Energy Future 

Coal, oil, and natural gas are some of the fossil fuels that supply almost 80% of the world’s energy needed to charge certain devices, warm our homes, and even to power various transportation. Besides, the given products are also the primary human source of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the scientist at Stanford, they significantly agree that limiting one’s use of fossil fuels would have a substantial benefit like reducing the frequency and even cruelty of natural disasters and improving one’s health. However, there are no firm details on what can replace them.


To date, popular sources of energy are wind and solar. But then, the sun does not shine all the time and even the wind does not blow continuously. Some batteries are intended and capable of storing their recurrent energy are still expensive and not that powerful enough to fill in the gaps. Nuclear energy does not produce greenhouse gases directly although the current generation of reactors has another set of problems. Several solutions like storing carbon dioxide underground or spinning it into a clean fuel are indeed promising but as of the moment, those still need accurate and much development. The given solutions are feasible enough and one must be ready with the challenges that come along the way.


The number of corporations around the globe is switching to renewable energy namely wind and solar intended to further clean and even help achieve a cost-effective power for their companies. Several companies are now adding renewable energy to their facilities and even entering into partnerships or contracts to either buy or invest in offsite renewable energy. In return, businesses are being able to help the environment and ushering clean energy.


Embracing and promoting renewable energy is indeed vital not just for the business but also for the entire planet. Pollutions coming from fossil fuels strongly contribute to the increasing warming of our planet. Such a scenario causes ocean levels to rise and the weather to hit extremes. If such fossil fuel trajectory is constantly occurring, we face a fundamental threat not only to animals, ecosystems, and even ourselves.


Fortunately, the list of companies recognizing such a huge act is increasing and even setting aggressive renewable energy goals. Some of them also noted 100% renewable energy objectives though they face various challenges as they make efforts towards reaching their goals. To turn them into reality, companies will need around 70% of energy to be delivered through the power grid. Unfortunately, as of the moment, several companies have no way to choose renewable energy options if it is through local utility or other generators available. Having said so, we, therefore, conclude that even the most energy-sufficient big box stores can only supply at least 30% of their offered on-site electricity with rooftop solar energy. The given percentage is much lower for less efficient users.


Notable impact 

Populations are continuously growing but the resources are not. Meaning to say, the world is out of balance. We, therefore, need more clean, reliable, cheap, safe and sustainable power. The earth already has excellent sources of energy. After years of research, studying, and engineering and an efficient way to use them in harmony with nature and communities as a whole was figured out. We are optimistic that we can power up the entire nation with affordable, unlimited and sustainable green energy. We indeed have a concrete idea of how to make an impact notable.


Market pioneer

To give you an idea, Better Energy is one of the partners for institutional investors. This includes pension funds, corporate and industrial business, insurance companies and even landowners. The good news is that they value us as a reliable partner. In that way, we will be able to provide excellent projects and portfolios.


Outstanding and efficient technical creations

International experience and versatility would truly make a huge difference. It’s good to know that Better Energy receives several of the highest evaluations in the industry as well as excellent technical reviews that are initiated by those internationally renowned consultancies. Such outstanding construction is equivalent to faster completion. As for the technical installations, there’s no need to do major changes or modifications.