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EPA Rule Risks Jobs, Increases Costs, Undercuts Energy Renaissance

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EPA Rule Risks Jobs, Increases Costs, Threatens Reliability

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Partnership Poll Finds EPA Out of Touch With Rest of America on GHG Regulations

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Partnership Statement on the Arena Act

May 13, 2015

Broad Coalition of Business and Consumer Groups Support Legislation to Enhance Regulatory Certainty and States Rights in Critical Decisions Impacting Energy Prices Read More >


The Partnership for a Better Energy Future on this week’s elections

November 6, 2014

Despite a well-publicized, well-funded effort to support candidates opposed to a pro-energy agenda, candidates that support a pragmatic, comprehensive energy policy were big winners on election day. Read More >


Americans oppose new EPA carbon regulations; will EPA listen?

October 21, 2014

New polling data commissioned by the Partnership for a Better Energy Future and compiled by Paragon Insights reveals sharp differences between the American public and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when it comes to energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) policies. These results should serve as a stern warning that the EPA is headed in the wrong direction. Read More >

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