Partnership Statement on the Arena Act

Broad Coalition of Business and Consumer Groups Support Legislation to Enhance Regulatory Certainty and States Rights in Critical Decisions Impacting Energy Prices Read More >


The Partnership for a Better Energy Future on this week’s elections

Despite a well-publicized, well-funded effort to support candidates opposed to a pro-energy agenda, candidates that support a pragmatic, comprehensive energy policy were big winners on election day. Read More >


Americans oppose new EPA carbon regulations; will EPA listen?

New polling data commissioned by the Partnership for a Better Energy Future and compiled by Paragon Insights reveals sharp differences between the American public and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when it comes to energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) policies. These results should serve as a stern warning that the EPA is headed in the wrong direction. Read More >


NAM – Heading Down a Cumbersome and Expensive Path

Monday, the Washington Post Editorial Board published the first in a “brief series” of editorials on the status of U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) policies. The Post article gives a short history of GHG politics over the last 15 years and assesses the current state-of-play in and outside the beltway. Of course, the policy that is driving most of the discussion and debate when it comes to GHGs is the EPA’s June 2 proposed rule for existing power plants – a regulation the Post describes as “a cumbersome and expensive way to reduce emissions.” Read More >


The Costs of Acting Alone on GHG Emissions

Members of the UN General Assembly – world leaders including President Obama – will gather this week in New York City to continue the long-running debate regarding the future of global emissions reduction. On Tuesday, President Obama will tout the steps he has taken to reduce emissions in the United States, highlighted by ambitious fuel efficiency standards for automobiles and a two-part plan to redefine the manner in which electricity is generated and consumed in the United States. Read More >


Partnership Responds to Supreme Court Ruling on EPA Regulatory Authority

The Partnership for a Better Energy Future (PBEF) issued a statement by spokesman Chad Kolton responding to the Supreme Court ruling yesterday setting important limits on the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory authority: Read More >


Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy – EPA’s New Carbon Rule: What You Need to Know

Yesterday the EPA finally released its new rule proposal to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants. The rule mandates a 30 percent reduction in CO2 by the year 2030, based on 2005 levels. Read More >



As the public comment period for EPA’s proposed New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) regulations on new power plants come to a close, many PBEF members and other stakeholders are weighing in with concerns on the rule. Read More >


Analysis: The True Cost of Proposed EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations

A loss of 2.85 million jobs, a cost of $54 billion over 15 years, and unchecked, skyrocketing electricity and natural gas prices: that’s a steep price tag any way you slice it. Yet that’s exactly what the EPA’s proposed regulations on existing power plants could cost consumers and businesses. Worse, its proponents still claim these regulations will have “no impact.” Read More >

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce: EPA Wants to Impose a Greenhouse Gas Rule that Won’t Be Good For Anyone Who Uses Electricity

Glenn Hamer, President and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Jay Timmons, President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers penned an op-ed in the Arizona Star saying that proposed EPA rules on greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants “could have a devastating impact on energy prices and consumers.” Read More >